Pistillo Starburst Wall Sconce

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Gorgeous Mirror Chrome Plated Flush Mount Wall Sconce Light. diam 24" 1bulb. Perfect for low ceilinged rooms, or as a striking wall sconce. Burst on the scene and make a dramatic impact on your wall with this starburst wall sconce. Mirrored arms are arranged in the shape of a star, creating multiple surfaces for light to reflect and shine like a twinkling heavenly body. Mid Century Modern inspired starburst-shaped fixture adorned with high quality mirrored chrome spines radiating from the center is one of our most popular design shapes in part due to the novel starburst spines, as well as the beautiful filtered light it casts creating a great ambience. Crafted of plastic with a shiny chrome mirror finish, our exclusive single-light wall sconce features a starburst of rods that illuminate with a warm glow. Both an Italian mid-century modern 1960s wall art piece and a lighting solution for walls, it includes a plug-in cord for easy installation with no hardwiring required. You will love this light as it casts a fun shadow (starburst shape) on the wall. Line a long corridor with several sconces or light a small foyer with a single sconce. Shown in silver mirrored finish. A great icon of the Mid-century modern is the design movement from the sixties.

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