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Introducing the timeless charm of the Eames® Molded Plywood Elephant, a beloved creation from the innovative minds of Charles and Ray Eames. Crafted in the early 1940s as a delightful extension of their experiments with molded plywood, this iconic piece showcases the Eameses' whimsical approach to design.

Originally conceived as part of a playful collection featuring frogs, seals, horses, and bears, the Eames Elephant transcends its origins as a children's toy to become a cherished symbol of modern home decor. Though initially limited to just two prototypes due to the complexity of its fabrication, the Plywood Elephant gained renewed attention in 2018 when Vitra released a limited edition in honor of Charles's centennial birthday.

Now, enthusiasts can experience the timeless elegance of the Plywood Elephant through a meticulous reproduction crafted in collaboration with the Eames Office. Recreating the essence of the original 1945 design, this modern interpretation captures the spirit of the Eameses' vision with precision and care.

Vitra's innovative transformation of the Plywood Elephant into a dyed-through polypropylene rendition reflects their commitment to quality and durability. Available in a range of vibrant colors including classic red, light pink, white, dark grey, and lime, this synthetic version offers enhanced versatility for both indoor and outdoor use.

As the exclusive licensee for Eames designs in Europe, Vitra maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship and sustainability in its production processes. With a focus on quality and ecological responsibility, Vitra's dedication to excellence extends beyond product design to environmental stewardship.

The Eames Elephant stands as a testament to the ethos of the mid-century modern movement, blending modern design principles with Scandinavian influences to create a timeless aesthetic. Charles and Ray's innovative use of materials, particularly plywood, revolutionized furniture design during this era, paving the way for future generations of designers.

Vitra's collaboration with the Eameses, spanning decades of fruitful partnership, underscores their shared commitment to innovation and creativity. From a limited edition release in 2007 to a mass-market offering, Vitra's reimagination of the Plywood Elephant continues to redefine classic furniture design for modern audiences.

Originally showcased in molded plywood at the Museum of Modern Art in 1945, the Eames Elephant's journey to serial production spans over six decades. Vitra's contemporary interpretation not only pays homage to the designers' enduring legacy but also invites individuals of all ages to experience the joy and whimsy of the Eames Elephant in their everyday lives.

Product type Eames Plywood Elephant

1. Height, rear: 12.9"
2. Length: 30.9"
3. Height, front: 16.33"
4. Width: 13.78"
Material Moulded plywood with deck veneer in American Cherry
Care To clean, a soft, damp cloth and a mild neutral detergent are recommended.
Museums Museum of Modern Art, New York
Certificates & Sustainability Vitra conform to
ISO 90001: 2008 (Quality management systems)
ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental management systems)

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