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Moon poster (large) Modern Wall Art by artist and graphic designer, Enzo Mari is perceived as the critical conscience of design. It is a silk-screen printing reproducing the Moon with geographical accuracy: “today it’s necessary to follow astronautical events as once you followed the challenges of daring travelers, putting small flags on large maps” is the humorous presentation that wrote Bruno Munari in 1959. Born in Novara, Italy, in 1932, he has dedicated his attention to research into the methodology of design since the early ‘50s. Enzo Mari started his career with studies on visual perception, later incorporating his research into games for children, graphics, design and architecture. Art Edition 1972 new edition 2017. La Luna Screenprint 1959-1972 Origin: Italy Nature Series, white/silver/grey on black. The screenprints “Serie della natura” is based on an approach that can bring some artistic images into people’s homes. Art becomes more accessible to everyone thanks to silkscreen printing, which replaces the concept of a single original version. The arrow, the star, the wave, the moon, the cube and the clover are archetypal symbols, “symbols that can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the observer’s perception and they are also timeless memories to cherish”. The elementary graphic image reveals the iconographic meaning, transforming it into a symbol. MOON poster is a silk-screen printing with modern techniques but keeping print jobs faithful to the original edition. It is made of black bookbinding fabric, on which is first printed a black background; then the other 4 colors overlap, making up the design: an elegant combination of silver gray, white and two shades of unsaturated pink. Dimensions 40" x 40" (100cm x 100cm).

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